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"Lite" is good for Beer, but not for MES

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There's a lot of MES solutions out there nowadays. But are they all created equal? What about these so called "MES-Lite" ones? Are they a good idea?

Rick Franzosa of Gartner chimes in with his commentary in this article, "Lite" Works for Beer, but not for MES.

"So, as a manufacturer, when someone offers you "MES-Lite", take a close look at what problems you are trying to solve, and whether or not the solution fills the gap. If you are looking for only data collection, visibility, OEE and analytics, by all means feel free to choose one of these ‘lite’ systems. But if you are looking for more, “MES-lite” is not the answer." - Franzosa

It all comes down to doing your research. Here at Intraratio, we believe in full transparency - it's our number one priority to make sure you're getting the solution that's right for you and your operations. Eliminating all confusion and delivering true results is the name of our game.

We see a lot of suppliers over-promising on their abilities, leading to unhappy customers who end up having to spend more money on additional middleware and required IT processes.

"Our annual surveys on the Business Value of MES (conducted with MESA International for the past six years) show year over year that one of the biggest obstacles to the success of the MES strategy is “goals not properly understood”. This can partially be attributed to a lack of understanding of what functions make up an MES solution, propagated in part by vendor exuberance." - Franzosa

For more commentary from Frazosa, access the full article.

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