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Serialized Traceability is Driving Real Change

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Serialized traceability – the next phase of evolution for “track and trace” – is revolutionizing how businesses think about and use their Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to compete and excel in the global industrial environment (Industry 4.0). Here's how!

  1. Real Time Data Improves Efficiency and Quality
  2. From Product Tracking to Full Data Integration
  3. Everyone on the Same Page

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Real Time Data Improves Efficiency and Quality

The term Industry 4.0 is gaining traction, but its definition often feels nebulous.

What exactly does it mean? How does it apply to my operations? At its core, Industry 4.0 is about capturing as much data as possible – transactional data, parametric measurements, statistical data and every piece of data from a manufacturing floor. Then that data gets put to use. From initial trial runs through volume production; from assembly to test to final shipment, each process step is analyzed in terms of effect on overall performance and quality.

When that data is captured for each individual part on a line, that’s called serialized traceability. Serialized traceability is what underpins this next phase in the evolution of “track and trace." It’s changing how businesses leverage smart manufacturing tools like Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

From Product Tracking to Full Data Integration

In highly regulated industries such as aerospace or medical, the ability to isolate products down to the lot or batch level is a requirement. This level of traceability helps narrow the search quickly when the hint of a quality problem or product recall looms.

Quality and efficiency improvements that come from going one level deeper using serialized traceability, drive change on a transformational level. Clarity emerges on the role of every supplier, procedure, machine and person that raw materials have encountered along the way to becoming a finished product.  Areas of focus for efficiency and cost cutting improvements become obvious.

Everyone on the Same Page

The combination of automated data collection (via machine data integration) and accessible, intuitive analysis tools gives everyone in the organization the power to drive continuous improvement.

With today’s mix of on-premise and cloud-stacking technologies, operators, engineers, plant floor supervisors, production planners, accounting and senior management can all examine every process in the production trail using their mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers. 

Move up to Industry 4.0 With RunCard

RunCard MES incorporates true serialized traceability into your production line. Implementations can be as short as a few weeks. Learn more about the exciting new era of Industry 4.0 by contacting Intraratio, a provider of an MES solution on the leading edge of technology. 

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